PALEMBANG – Dozens of teams from several universities, one of which was from the Sriwijaya State Polytechnic, took part in Virtual Camp21 Synergizing Literacies 2021, which was held on October 4-7, 2021 ago. This Virtual Camp21 is organized by Polytechnic Ibrahim Sultan, Malaysia. This international Camp21 relates to the “Design Thinking” in which all camp participants must prepare their ideas for a project.

This Camp21 also involved 5 students, 1 assistant lecturer and 1 facilitator in each team. There are 5 aspects in achieving design thinking, namely; Empathy, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Testing. In the first stage, all student participants interviewed lecturers or resource persons as a reference to fulfil these 5 aspects. “I think have different thoughts with offline systems than online systems, we might meet face to face, I have a little bit different with before we had the pandemic,” said Mrs. Eka as a resource person, Monday (7/10/2021).

After interviewing Mrs. Eka, the results of the interview will be defined and briefly described the problems in the previous interview and the solutions to the problems in the define stage. After the stage of defining the problem further by presenting an idea that will be presented by each participant in his team in the ideate stage. Various kinds of ideas were presented by each participant in the team and assisted by facilitators and supervisors. All ideas presented by each participant will be explained by the system and how it works as attractively as possible and then the ideas will be voted on by each team participant.

The results of the idea will be taken to the next stage in the prototype. This prototype stage is where the idea will be made a work system and hardware in the form of an initial design. Ideas that have been selected in the voting will be pitched in the testing phase. This testing stage is where each team idea will be presented to other teams to be promoted and other team participants may ask about the ideas presented by the team participants. In the last stage, the team participants are required to make a pitching video where the results of the design thinking are made by all the team participants. The video will be judged by several judges and the winner will be ranked.

The Camp21 activity was held for 4 days, Thursday, October 7, 2021, the last day of Camp21 and the announcement of the winner of the pitching video. Camp21 was attended by 20 teams where one of the teams represented from Indonesia, namely from the Sriwijaya State Polytechnic, with the supervisor Dr. Nyayu Latifah Husni, ST., MT. All students were enthusiastic in enlivening Camp21.