Technical Assistant Software Engineering from SES (Senior Experten Service)

IMG-20160311-WA0015Informatics Management Department, a department that focuses on Information Technology, has long made effort in order to up grade the quality of human resources in teaching, doing research and conducting social responsibility. Among the efforts is upgrading the quality of comprehension in science of software development in cooperation with SES from German. IMG-20160311-WA0052 From 17th of February to 11th of March 2016,  Informatics Management Department conducted training in Software Engineering. This training was part of cooperation between Polsri and SES to up grade the quality of human resource in Informatics Management Polsri. The Technical Assistant from SES for this training was Dr. Fanco Mirallas, an expert in Java Programming and Software Engireeng and also lecturer of Computer Science in Roseheim University. He is also a consultant in Software Engineering. IMG-20160311-WA0065The participants were not only lecturers from Informatics Management but also lecturers from Computer Engineering Departmant. It was expected that the involvement of lecturers from other department could result in better comprehension on the materials. The topic of training by Dr. Franco Miralles was Object Oriented Analysis and Design. Dr. Franco Miralles explained about system engineering at the beginning of the training. Dr. Franco highlighted the importance to understand the system of the place where the software being developed in the first place, followed by understanding business process of the system. To describe the business process, Dr. Fanco used Use Case diagram. One of the important material in business process analysis is requirement engineering. Understanding requirement engineering of user and stakeholder is important since it is the base of software development.

IMG-20160311-WA0053During his stay in Informatics Management Department, Dr Franco Miralles also gave some input for Informatics Management curiculum both for D3 program and D4 program. Dr Franco suggested the utilization of computer application for business/companies (Computer Engineering) for D3 program and IT Management for D4 program starting from basic syntax of programming to algoritm analysis of program. (EV)