Polsri Success Sign Cooperation with PT. LiuGong, LVTC and GEVTC China

(Jakarta, Thursday / 25 April 2024). Sriwijaya State Polytechnic (Polsri) successfully signed an MoA as a form of quadripartite cooperation between Polsri, PT. LiuGong China, Liuzhou Vocational and Technical College (LVTC), and Guangxi Eco-Engineering Vocational and Technical College (GEVTC) on Thursday 25 April 2024 at the Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel, Jakarta. In this event, which is part of the Indonesia – China Annual Conference on TVET Cooperation and Development, the event carries the theme Strengthening Partnerships, Empowering Futures, Uniting Indonesia and China Through Vocational Education Excellence. The event was opened by the Indonesian Ambassador to China and Mongolia, namely Drs. Djauhari Oratmangun, was also attended by high-ranking officials from the Directorate General of Vocational Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture, and leaders from several representatives of large companies in Indonesia. Apart from that, the signing of this collaboration was also carried out by the Jakarta State Polytechnic (PNJ) with three parties, namely PT. LiuGong, LVTC and GEVTC. In implementing quadripartite cooperation, a Cooperation Class will be formed involving the four parties. Selected students can undertake studies with the 1+1+1 program which will later carry out 1 year of study at the National Police, 1 year in China, and a 1 year internship program in China. Apart from that, in implementing the cooperation agreement, a Customer Experience Center was established in the National Police Mechanical Engineering Department, which will be inaugurated on April 27 2024 in Palembang City. During the signing of the quadripartite cooperation, the leadership of PT. LiuGong, Director of LVTC, Director of GEVTC, Plt. The Director of the National Police, namely Dr. Beni Bandanadjaja, S.T., M.T and Deputy Director for National Police Cooperation, namely Drs. Zakaria, M.Pd.