Polsri Added New Study Program-Information Technology Digital Multimedia for New Student Admission

March 7, 2015 News cnet   New students’ admission by PMDK-PN is in the process of database collection (database of the schools and the students). This year quota for Polsri new students by invitation is the same as last year quota that is 700 students. The different is that this year Polsri opened new study program-Information Technology Digital Multimedia for new students. So that the total number of study program in Polsri for new student admission is 11 for DIII program and 11 for Applied Science Bachelor Program. Eddy Aswan, MKom, Public Relation of Polsri stated that Director of state Polytechnic of Sriwijaya, RD. Kusumanto ST MM had explained that the opening of this study program is based on Ministerial Letter of Permit Number:  416/E/O/2014 dated 17 September 2014.  This study program accepts 48 new students for this year. “The proposal of this study program had been proposed long ago, but Letter of Permit reached Polsri on 2nd March. The academicians and facilities in this study program are ready to welcome the new students,” said Eddy. (Palpres)