“NEW” Cooperation Class with Work Commitment after Graduation between Polsri and Garuda Maintenance Facilities (GMF)

Garuda-Maintenance-Facility April 15, 2015NewsEA

In the era of opensky, job market for aircraft maintenance becomes a main issue. During last 5 years, the potency of aircraft maintenance in Indonesia has reached 12 trillions annually. Nevertheless, only 30% of the potency has been handling so far. It is a kind of challenge for Polsri to produce internationally recognized human resources that have the capability to maintain aircraft. To answer to this challenge, last Friday, 10 April 2015, Garuda Maintenance Facilities (GMF) Aero Asia and Polsri signed MoU for Three Year Diploma Program (D-III) with international certificate from Aircraft Meintenance Training Organization (AMTO), rater of Civil Aviation Safety Regulation (CASR) 147.

GMF Aerosia and Polsri will run selection process for candidate employees of GMF Aerosia who will take D-III program and Basic Aircraft Maintennace (BAM) CASR 65 for about three years. This program will be started in the Academic Year 2015/2016 in Mechanical Engineering Department for Airframe and Power Plant (PA) concentration and Electrical Engineering Department for Electrical Avionic (EA) concentration. This program is opened for participants from all over Indonesia. For further information, please visit www.gmfaeroasia.co.id dan www.polsri.ac.id starting from 20 April 2015.