National Electrical Fair (NEF) 2015 by Student Association of Electrical Engineering Department

March 30, 2015NewsEA

National Electrical Fair (NEF) 2015 attended by representatives from Electrical Engineering Department of Universities in Indonesia starting from 30 March 2015 to 2 April 2015. The events during the fair are:

Seminar on Automation with Schneider on March 30th. Automation is a field of study which explains how to manufacture or modify manual machine to automatic one (user, control system and information technology) for optimum production, delivery and services. For this reason, a lot of technology and industry use automation. It is a favorite in this modern era.  It does not only save time and money but also make process easier and faster. It causes faster development of industrial world. It is aimed for promoting certification for automation operator.

Starting from 09.00 to 13.00 on the same day was Blood Donors. All academicians of Polsri were welcomed to donor their blood in Polyclinic of State Polytechnic of Sriwijaya. “Drop of Blood is Life.”

On the second day, March 31 was Line Follower Robotic Competition. This activity was for competition and strengthening brotherhood among Indonesian students of robotics. This event was targeted to be attended by 40 teams from institutions all over Indonesia. Track in PREN 2015 Line Follower Robotic Competition was more challenging compared to the previous ones.

There was also PLC (Programmable Logic Control) Competition for strengthening brotherhood among students.  It was targeted to be attended by 50 teams from institutions all over Indonesia. This year competition was with more challenging and efficient logic program compared to the previous ones.

National Paper Competition 2015, a national paper writing competition, is aimed for broadening insight and students’ ability in writing papers. The competition was divided into two phases of adjustment by juries. 15 papers would be selected for grand-final. This activity is also aimed for increasing the number of new applicable technology innovations and for reference and recommendation for technology innovation in Indonesia.

“Bazar Electro” is aimed for introducing students’ work and enlivens the fair. It would be attended by students in and out of Polsri conducting for about 3 days starting from March 30th – April 1st 2015.

Electric Car Seminar was on the third day. It gave information about the advance of mechanical and electrical technology and its application and new view for students to be more creative and innovative in developing and manufacturing green and economical means of transportation. The presenter was from SCHNEIDER.

It is aimed for giving understanding for students to be more creative and success in young age. The presenter also demonstrated hypnotherapy for helping the students to be more enthusiastic and focus with their learning.

on the last day will be industrial and tourism spot visits around Palembang city. The previous one is  for introducing industry and enlarging their knowledge meanwhile the second one is for entertaining participants and strengthening brotherhood among them.