Helen Nur Qodaria, Delegation of Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program

June 9, 2015 Berita EA New-Picture-5 Congratulation! Once again student of Polsri got prestigious achievement in International level. Helen Nur Qodaria, the student of public sector accounting (DIV) program of Polsri, was chosen as the delegation of Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program to Japan. Helen is the only representative from South Sumatera Province to join the program. The program will be from October to December 2015. Before Helen, Reksa Alvionita, student of Electrical Engineering Department, was chosen as representative for student exchange program to Southeast Asia and Japan in 2014. Beside Helen, there is also Zalika Fajrin, student of English Department. She was chosen as one of participants in Nusantara Ship 2015 program. This program is addressed for young Indonesians who love travelling to study about Indonesian Culture for about a month. The participants of this program will be in Indonesian National Army Warship for a month. Helen and Zalika joined the selection chaired by Youth and Sport Ministry in cooperation with South Sumatera Youth and Sport Office in last April and May.