Computer Engineering (D3)


Computer Engineering is a vocational education to gain expertise in information-communication technology and control computer which will provide skills of desktop computers, microprocessors, microcontrollers, computer networks and programming languages starting from beginning design to the end results and help you more superior than others in information communication technology and control. Computer Engineering graduates have worked in goverment (department of laws and human rights), and banking industries for IT designer and IT Analyst Positions.


 Toward a leading center of vocational education in Information Technology and Control in 2020.


  1. Producing qualified, disciplined, high morality, entrepreneurial graduates;
  2. Developing, disseminatingandapplyingscience, technology and artinthe field ofinformation technologyandcontrol andapplied researchresultstobe usedin productive activitiesandimprove the quality ofpeople’s lives;
  3. Developing ComputerEngineering Department in InformationTechnology andControl areas with orientation on quality, professionalismandtransparencyand ableto faceglobalcompetition.



  1. To prepare professionals in the areas of computer engineering, control systems, software and computer networks;
  2. To develop, implement and disseminate computer technology hardware and software to the public;
  3. To increase the role of Computer Engineering Department academicians in developing computer technology to support national development.



  1. At least 75 % of graduates per academic year reach ≥ 3 GPA;
  2. At least 75 % of graduates per academic year get first job within ≤ 6 months;
  3. At least four innovative lecturer’s researches per academic year;
  4. At least two titles of community service per academic year done.

Strategies to Achieve Targets

  1. Improving teaching materials, reference books, instructional media;
  2. Improving human resource skill through enhanced study non degree and degree;
  3. Give assignments to students;
  4. Invite industries/agencies and inform them about the newest alumni on every graduation day;
  5. English lessons for four semesters;
  6. Requiring students to follow TOEIC institutional test at the beginning of their study, TOEIC course and TOEIC International test at the end of 6th semester;
  7. Facilitating Student Association (HMJ) to establish study clubs;
  8. Cooperate with ICT professional certification agency and form Polsri professional certification body under patronage of BNSP;
  9. Require Study Program to utilize instructional media maximally;
  10. Require Study Program to write research proposals and conduct community service using self funding or goverment and third parties’ funding;
  11. Require publication of research results in accredited or non-accredited national journals and International Journals.

Graduates’ Profile

  1. Able toanalyzeandimplementcontrol system;
  2. Able toanalyzeandimplement thedesignin thefield ofinformation andcommunication.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Master basics of computer science in field of information technology and control;
  2. Able to carry out work and formulate procedural problem solving in team using their expertise in ICT and control;
  3. Able to select between standard and non-standard method in information technology and control;
  4. Able to communicate and prepare a written report within related unit work scope;
  5. Able to act and behave in good manner;
  6. Able to adapt to the development of science, technology and art of ICT and control.

Graduates’ Competences


Core Competences

  • Able to design, build, implement andmanagethe information andcommunication technology;
  • Able to design, build, implementanddevelopapplication programthatcancontrol hardware of computer-based control system.


Supporting Competences

  • Have the ability in electricalcircuits, sensors, mathematics, analog and digital electronics, basicprogramming, computer architecture, computer security, image processingandEnglish.


Other Competences

  • Able tocommunicate, behave in good manner and have leadership andentrepreneurial spirit.



Training  Service

Robot Control Design, Computer Network Design, Database Design, Web Design, I/O Interfaces, Cryptography


Production and Consultation Services

  • Line followerRobot Production, Fire Extinguisher Robot production, ComputerNetworkingInstallation, website installationn, computer interface installation.
  • Robots, computernetworks, webandinterface consultation service.



Network Laboratory, Multimedia Laboratory, Programming Laboratory, Interface Laboratory, Electronics Laboratory