Business Administration (D3)


Business  Administration Study Program produces graduates that are capable of doing variety of industrial jobs. The curriculum comprises 60% practice and 40% theory for ensuring graduates have industrial skills and also have skills for lower and middle managerial level positions. A structured soft skill Development is in any learning process for creating  high-quality, reliable and good attitude graduates.



Toward a leading, modern, and competitive  vocational education institution in the field of business administration.



  1. Improving the quality of business administration education based on quality based assurance system;
  2. Developing, disseminating and applying science, technology, and art in the field of business administration for productive activities and improving the quality of people’s lives;
  3. Developing organization and improving the quality of human resource management in Business Administration Department  in order to achieve effective, efficient, and sustainable performance;
  4. Enhancing mutual benefit partnerships with industry and other parties in order to improve the quality of Tri Dharma.



Produce skilled, professional and conversant mid-level manager in the field of business administration.



  1. Produce skilled human resources for various jobs in the field of business administration;
  2. Produce graduates that have reliable managerial capabilities such as identifying and solving problem, making work plan, organizing, controlling, and evaluating jobs.


Strategies to Achieve Targets

  1. Ensure learning process realization of at least 95%;
    2. Conduct practice with up date equipment and sufficient material;
    3. Perform internships and field works;
    4. Conduct Seminars and Workshops with speakers from industrial practitioners and academicians;
    5. Implement interactive learning with student-oriented method of discussion, case studies and simulations;
    6. Intensive monitoring for student organization in  Business Administration Department.


Graduates’ Profile

  1. Professional Administrator;
    2. Professional Secretary;
    3. Public Relations and Customer Services Officer;
    4. Account Officer;
    5. Marketing Officer / Sales Executive;
    6. Human Resource Development Officer;
    7. Professional archivist.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Able tocomplete extensive task, selectappropriate methodby analyzingdata, and able to perform measurable quality performance;
  2. Master business administration theoreticalconcept, andis able tosolve problemssystematically;
  3. Able tomanageteam workand develop acomprehensivewritten report;
  4. Responsible for individual and team works.


Graduates’ Competences

1 . Professional Administrator
• Able to carry out various administrative activities;
• Able to manage and maintain company’s documentation;
• Able to facilitate internal and external information distribution;
• Able to run office applications .
2 . Professional Secretary
• Able  to type 60 wpm  with ten fingers with an accuracy of 98 %;
• Proficient  in secretarial science;
• Able to write formal letter both in  Indonesian and English;
• Able to apply professional ethics;
• Able to run MS.Office;
• Able to run office applications .
3 . Public Relation Officer
• Able to communicate  both internal and external policies of company to the public ;
• Able to create company positive image by using reliable communicative skill;
• Able to negotiate and take advantage  on strategic moments for company profit;
• Able to run office applications .
4 . Account  Officer
• Able to create a comprehensive financial statement;
• Able to analyze  financial statement  for critical information in financial decision-making process;
• Able to run office applications.
5 . Marketing Officer / Sales Executive
• Able to carry out promotional activities and business negotiations;
• Able to be a professional sales executive;
• Able to identify market opportunities;
• Able to design marketing strategies;
• Able to convince customer;
• Able to deal with customer complaints;
• Able to make  and achieve sales targets;
• Able to run  office applications.
6 . HR Officer
• Able to carry out the procurement process;
• Able to create employee development programs;
• Able to create compensation and employees’ maintenance program;
• Able to run office applications.
7 . Professional archivists
• Able to manage records manually and electronically;
• Able  to write formal letter both in Indonesian and English;
• Able to run office applications.


Training  Service

  • Leadership
    • Small Business Management
    • Marketing
    • Service Excellent
    • Public Speaking
    • Customer Survey
    • Taxation
    • Filing
    • Administrative works
    • Table Manner
    • Professional Ethics



  • Fully air-conditioned Classrooms
    • Classrooms with LCD
    • Computer Laboratory (2)
    • Computer Lab and Multimedia Programming
    • Management Laboratory
    • Seminar Laboratory
    • Business Simulation Laboratory
    • Secretariat Laboratory
    • Ethics Laboratory
    • Manual Keyboarding Labotratory
    • Electronic Keyboarding Laboratory
    • Hall