Sited in Aula KPA Polsri, AMINEF (American Indonesian Exchange Foundation)  delivered socialization of Fulbright scholarship programs 2014-2015 for lecturers, senior students and alumni of Polsri. This activity was aimed to introduce the programs and provide explanation regarding the application procedures and strategies for success in winning Fulbright such as sharpening the study objective and mastering standardized tests: IBT, GMAT and GRE. Deadline of Fulbright scholarship program 2014-2015 is 15 April 2014. The allocation per year is 300 people comprise 250 Indonesian citizens and 50 American citizens living in Indonesia. This event also featured testimony from one of Fulbright winners. This activity is expected to encourage academicians and students of Polsri to participate more applying for scholarship programs abroad and give accurate information about programs that can be followed, application procedures and strategies to win Fulbright scholarship. It took about 2 hours and was attended by approximately 300 participants showing their great enthusiasm to study abroad.