A total of 31 Students of Polsri Passed the 2024 IISMA Event

Palembang, March 22 2024. A total of 31 Sriwijaya State Polytechnic (Polsri) students passed the Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA), an international competency event that will be held in 2024. IISMA is a full scholarship program from the Ministry of Education and Culture in collaboration with the LPDP which is intended for students to take lectures for one semester abroad, this program is part of MBKM.

From thousands of students who registered throughout Indonesia, this year the Polsri passed the highest number of students compared to previous years. The distribution of majors for Polsri students who passed included; Civil Engineering: 4, Mechanical Engineering: 5, Electrical Engineering: 3, English: 10, Computer Engineering: 3, Information Management: 1, Accounting: 2, Business Administration: 3, and Chemical Engineering: 1 student. From the distribution of majors, the countries receiving them are; the United Kingdom, Russia, Netherlands, Canada, Portugal, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Thailand, and Malaysia with various well-known universities in each country.

Congratulations to all awardees who have passed the final stage of the IISMA 2024 selection. This is the first step for you to develop your potential by joining the international events, hopefully, you can always make achievements and bring a good name to the Polsri and the Indonesian state.