24 Finalists of BGP Polsri Visited Regional Military Command II Sriwijaya


January 6, 2015NewsEA

Palembang, 5 January 2015, 24 Finalists of State Polytechnic of Sriwijaya Bujang Gadis Contest (BGP Poslri) visited Regional Military Command II Sriwijaya at 14.00 p.m in Sudirman Building of Regional Military Command II Sriwijaya.  In this visit, RD. Kusumanto, Director of State Polytechnic of Sriwijaya, expressed his gratitude to Regional Military Command II Sriwijaya for the important material on “civil defense and discipline” given to the finalists of BGP Polsri as the nation next generation.

The material was directly delivered by Commander of Indonesian National Armed Forces Regional Military Command II Sriwijaya, Mayjen TNI. ISKANDAR  M. SAHIL, S.E. In his remark, he stated that young generation/university students had great responsibility to preserve national culture since culture is nation’s heritage as great nation identity. It is expected this visit will result in awareness of Polsri students in preserving local culture. (EV)