Welcome Speech

The International Affair Division is a division under Vice Director IV which provides professional supports and advising services to international students who are coming for full-time study and exchange programs, and scholars regarding their study and immigration status in Indonesia. This division is also committed to providing quality advising services and supportive programming to State Polytechnic of Sriwijaya (Polsri) students who are participating in exchange programs. Our main objective is to help the international students, scholars, and Polsri Study Programs and staff, navigate the many complexities associated with student-and employment-based visa arrangement. We are commited to providing information and services, taking into account institutional policies and ever-changing state regulations. It is our pleasure to welcome you to the International Affair – Polsri. Whether you are a perspective student, a student already enrolled in  study program, or a member of the greater – Polsri network. We’d also like to encourage you to contact us with any questions you might have regarding the services we provide and information contained on our site.

Warm Regards,

Drs. Zakaria, M.Pd.

Vice Director for Cooperation and Development

State Polytechnic of Sriwijaya