Applied Science Bachelor Program in Energy Engineering State Polytechnic of Sriwijaya is the development of DIII program of Chemical Engineering. It was established in 2009 as the effort to meet the needs of energy engineering industry job market and as the academic development of State Polytechnic of Sriwijaya.



 Toward a leading vocational education institution of  energy engineering professionals.



  1. Develophighervocationaleducationto producegraduateswhoare competentintechnology for nonrenewable energy utilization andenergyconservation;
  2. Increase the number of applied researches, and disseminate the results forEnergyEngineering development;
  3. Increase the quality of community servicesthroughapplication of science and technology of EnergyEngineeringto improve qualityof life.



To produce Energy Engineering bachelors with engineering and managerial capabilities.






Produce professional engineers who are able to analyze, audit and monitor energy systems, develop and carry out research.

  1. 1. at least 75% of graduate GPA ³ 15 (0-4 scale);
  2. At least 50% of graduates per academic year reach£ 6month first job waiting period;
  3. 3. At least 6 innovative research titles per year;
  4. at least 6 community services done per year.


Strategies to achieve targets

  1. Providematerialsthat are appropriate to the syllabus, SAP, and learning contract, improve learning methods structurallyand dynamically and use teaching material for each subject in each semester.Inthe learning process,  evaluationis done by giving tasks, quizzes, mid test I, mid test IIand semester test so thatat the end ofthe semestereachstudent’s GPA can be monitored;
  2. Provideinformationaboutjob opportunitiesin government and private agencies and industrythrough POLSRI websiteandPJTKI;
  3. Encouragingfaculty and studentstowritescientific articleseachmonthandengagestudentsinfaculty researcheseachyear and conduct seminarsonenergy;
  4. Involvestudentstoparticipateinthe communityservice activities.


Graduates’ Profile

Energy’s professional engineers that have the ability to analyze, audit, monitor energy system and care for the environment.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Capableandresponsivein solving energy problems by using skill and knowledge of science and technology, and able toadapt tovarioussituationsandconditions;
  2. Mastergeneraland  specific concepts inenergy and able to formulate solution to problem associatedwithenergysystem;
  3. Able to take decisionsbased on dataandauditresultinformation analysis andprovidesolutionsindividuallyor in team;
  4. Responsible forworking and project achievement in energy area.


Graduates’ Competences

Core Competences

  1. 1. Able to perform thermal system analysis on industrial process equipment;
  2. 2. Able to audit energy system in the effort energy conservation;
  3. Able to plan, monitor and optimize energy system need.


Supporting Competences

  1. 1. Able to plan and develop research in energy engineering;
  2. 2. Able to be entrepreneur.


Other Competences

Honest, independent personality, high dedication.


Training  Service

  • Auditing energysystem
  • Optimization ofenergysystems
  • Industrial Management


Production and Consultation Services

Energy equipment design
– Fuel quality testing

  • Energysystem audit



Laboratories and workshops