Tourism Business Study Program (DIV) is one of new study programs started at odd semester in the academic year 2013/2014. This study program is aimed at providing reliable workforce for tourism industry, especially in South Sumatra and in Indonesia in general.

The establishment of this study program is  for welcoming the flourish development of  tourism industry in South Sumatra. This study program is the first study program that provides applied science education in the field of tourism in South Sumatera.


Toward  a leading, qualified, and competitive  vocational education institution in the field of tourism business (MICE).


  1. Improving the quality of tourism business based on quality based assurance system;
  2. Developing, disseminating and applying science, technology, and art in the field of MICE for productive activities and improve the quality of people’s lives;
  3. Developing organization and improving the quality of human resource management in Tourism Business Study Program (DIV) in order to achieve effective, efficient, and sustainable performance;
  4. Enhancing mutual benefit partnerships with industry and other parties in order to improve the quality of Tri Dharma.


To produce reliable managerial capabilitiy human resources in the field of business tourism (MICE) that posses good mastery of information technology.


  1. Produceskilled graduates in thefield of tourismbusiness;
  2. Produce graduates that have reliable managerial capabilities such as identifying and solving problem, making work plan, organizing, controlling, and evaluating jobs.

Strategies to achieve targets

  1. Ensure learning process realization of at least 95%;
    2. Implement practice with up date equipment and sufficient material;
    3. Perform structured internships in MICE industry;
    4. Cooperate with MICE industry for internships program and sources of learning;
  2. Implement interactive learning with student-oriented method of discussion, case studies and simulations.

Graduates’ Profile

  1. 1. Event organizer that includes business meetings, business conference and exhibition;
    2. Manager of tourism transportation and accommodation business;
    3. Consultant in the field of tourism;
    4. Tourism Marketing;
    5. Entrepreneur in the field of tourism;
    6. Policy maker in the field of tourism (Bureaucrat).

Learning Outcomes

  1. Able to implement activities in the field of tourism industry (MICE) by utilizing science, technology, and arts of management in solving problem and able to adapt to various situations;
  2. Master the theoretical concept of MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Ehibition) in-depth, and able to formulate problem solving;
  3. Able to take right decisions based on information and data analysis;
  4. Responsible for individual work and able to take responsibility as a leader.

Graduates’ Competences

1 . Event organizer  that includes business meetings, product launching , seminar , business conference and exhibition which is based on users’  demand.
• Able to create creative and interesting concept;
• Able to carry out planned activities;
• Able to lead job implementation;
• Able to find sponsors for any activity ;
• Posses good mastery of  information technology to support event organizer activities.

2 . Manager of tourism transportation and accommodation businesses.

  • Able to manage travel agency business;
    • Able to handle required documents for travelling;
    • Posses good mastery of information technology to support transportation and accommodation business.
  1. Consultantin thefield of tourism.
    Able to provide  advice for  clients’ benefit
    • Able to create concepts and control business activities as delegated by clients
    • Posses good mastery of  information technology to support consultant business .
  2. Tourism Marketing.
    Able  to create marketing concepts that are reliable in terms of product , price promotion and distribution ;
    • Able to promote products ;
    • Able to communicate convincingly ;
    • Capable of doing business negotiation  ;
    • Posses good mastery of  information technology to to support marketing activities.
  3. Entrepreneurin thefield of tourism.
    Able to identify tourism business opportunities;
    • Able to create comprehensive business concept;
    • Able to market the products;
    • Able to identify and manage business risks;
  • Able to manage business with reliable managerial ability.
  1. Policy makerinthe field oftourism(Bureaucrat).
    Able to obtain accurate information as the basis of decision making
    • Able to predict future and make various relevant assumptions.
    • Able to make appropriate policy based on various existing information .

Training  Services

  • Tour Guide
  • Travel Pattern
  • Saptapesona and Sadar Wisata
  • Table Manner
  • Customer Service
  • Photograph Tourism
  • Event Organizer


  • Fully air-conditioned Classrooms
    • Classrooms with LCD
    • Computer Laboratory (2)
    • Multimedia Computer Laboratory and Programming (MICE)
    • Management Laboratory
    • Seminar Laboratory
    • Business Simulation Laboratory
    • Secretariat Laboratory
    • Ethics Laboratory
    • Manual Keyboarding Labotratory
    • Electronic Keyboarding Laboratory
    • Hall